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Rob Cohen

Jonathan’s is a real source of inspiration to help me to keep focussed on what’s really important in my life. Many times Jonathan talks about subject matter that is relevant to what I need at the time. His encouragement to embrace the difficult, push through when things get tough and make changes when it’s time to move on, have been invaluable.

Deborah Parker

Dear Jonathan, I listen to your podcast every day while I am having lunch and I find it very inspiring. I jot down notes in my journal of the main points each day. You are doing a fantastic job of helping people to grow. I even have one of your messages up on my wall. The one about Finding your True Purpose (Time will fly, your energy levels will come up, you will always have been good at whatever you are doing and what you are doing will bless, inspire and help other people). That was definitely my favourite and most meaningful message.
Keep up the good work and thank you very much for all you do

We all get stuck sometimes in life but we don't have to stay there!
No matter what you want to change in your life this powerful online program can help.
 No matter where you are in life right now things can improve. Things could be good -  but they can be better or maybe you're facing hardship, pain or uncertainty but there is always a way out. Often, all we need is the right information at the right time.
  • Let me share with you a range of simple ideas that could change everything and reshape how you operate on a daily basis.
  • No empty motivational slogans just practical content that works.
  • Access the ideas and strategies I have shared with over 400,000 people all around the world in live events, books and videos.
Over the last two decades I have had the incredible privilege of serving tens of thousands of people all around the world with simple ideas that can make all the difference. I've learned that so many people just settle for so little in life. They get comfortable and that's where they stay. The months and years tick by and before they realise it they are miserable, unfulfilled and frustrated with life and themselves. It does not have to be that way. In this online program I want to help you get clear on what you really want and then put in place the steps to make it happen 
Jonathan Doyle

David Lawrence

Jonathan has great content. Short, sharp, informative and highly useful for everyday life. He provides practical advice as well as inspiration to achieve, improve and/or persevere. Never been disappointed. Keep it up.

Greg Hay

Jonathon brings insight and optimism to the journey of everyday life. He makes ‘common sense’ more sensible because of his eloquence and ability to make complex ideas clear. He makes ‘common sense’ more common because of his drive and energy. He seems indefatigable. His research and creativity are extraordinary.
I have found Jonathon’s work very important and very accessible. He has a humility and a vulnerability as well as authentic strength and clarity of purpose. I would highly recommend Jonathon’s work when seeking a perspective about living well and living truthfully.

  • Getting clear on what really matters in your life.
  • Learning to make time for yourself as a daily success ritual.
  • Identifying key areas for change.
  • ​The power of decision and removing distractions.
  • ​The impact of reference groups and key relationships.
  • ​Overcoming obstacles on your personal development journey.
  • ​Pursuing 'Threshold Experiences' for maximum personal growth.
  • ​Accessing the essential knowledge you need for personal transformation
  • ​Understanding fear and key strategies for managing it.
  • ​Leveraging perseverance when times are tough,
  • ​The role of journalling for clarity and direction.

Justine Defendi

You are one of a kind!!! Everything you say strikes a chord every single time!!...so many thought-provoking layers, so many perfectly chosen words, so many subtle but profound concepts....and all amazing and true!! 

All of that however is already wonderful in itself, but what further differentiates you by miles from others who possibly do the same thing is your “genuine genuineness” (hahaa...no other way of putting it!! :))) and how it is clear that you speak with the concern of your heart which gives double impact to the message because one is the human message and the other is the oh so subtle ‘spiritual’ message which unconsciously is so essential too!

Your special kind of ‘delivery’ is what also speaks volumes about yourself and calls for much admiration!!...your incredible depth of perception and amazing ability to identify with the heart and the real longings of everyone and not the longings they are told they should have...!!

I wish you all the very best for a long and successful road and many well-deserved rewards of all kinds, for you and your lucky family!!
100% Money Back Guarantee

My job is provide you with great content that can help move your life in a positive new direction. I feel so confident that these simple ideas and the way I have presented them can help you that I am happy to offer a 30 day full refund with zero conditions. If you find that the program is not working for you then just let me know within 30 days and I will be more than happy to refund your purchase. I want you to have complete peace of mind as you make your decision. 

Jamie Nicholls

Jonathan, your podcasts and daily messages of growth and self realisation inspire me to redirect my energies, emotions and constraints into goals and positive affirmations. I deeply appreciate your wisdom and insightful methods of communicating to focus and empower me to keep on building and striving. Your upbeat and constructive messages of hope and belief are a gift. They frequently come back to me when I need them the most to help me reset objectives, work through an issue and seek the horizon. Thank you for your guidance.
What Are You Waiting For?


I find the words of Jonathan a sheer blessing in my life. Jonathan is able to weave together presentations providing a variety of different themes but most importantly, he provides strategies to ensure personal growth. I love this.I feel very encouraged by him in my work. His passion and mentoring has really given me inspiration to share my learning and love with others. I am being motivated. I am learning. I am being challenged. So I highly endorse his daily email, podcast and books. It is so encouraging to have a companion like Jonathan, on this adventure of life.

You only get one life and this program can move you forward in powerful ways toward the life you have always wanted.
P.S: If you have any questions that I have not answered on this page then shoot me an email via jonathan@jonathandoyle.co and I will be back in touch asap to get you the answers you need.
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